Image Instrument Manufacturer Model Serial # Description Price
Guitar Recording King RDH05 1411779xxx


String Bass None None N/A


Ukelele Ohana PKC-10

New Concert

Guitar Amp VHT Special 6 AX0000xxx


Ukelele Ohana TK-10

New – Tenor

Electric Guitar Fender Telecaster Z3017xxx

Used – made in US

Bass Amp Acoustic B20 1038xxx $80.00
Ukelele Grace Concert 85

Hand made in Gresham OR

Banjo Washburn B-9 xx

5 String

Guitar Crafter D-6 02106xxx $150.00
Ukelele Ohana SK-10

New – Soprano

Ukelele Grace Concert 91

Hand Made in Gresham OR

Electric Guitar Fender Strat Deluxe DZ4178xxx

American Made

Electric Guitar Epiphone DOT EB R02K1xxx $225.00
Ukelele Ohana PK-10

New – Soprano

Guitar Amp Crate VC-20 8xxx

Used Tube Amp

String Bass Engelhardt 1/2 size 20xxx


Violin None None 3xx

used – rebuilt by John Melnichuk

Bass Amp Fender BXR 200 CR-123xxx


Guitar Yamaha F-325 OM0044xxx


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