Image Instrument Manufacturer Model Serial # Description Price
Alto Sax Keilwerth MKX


Alto Sax Yamaha YAS-23 160xxx


Alto Sax Selmer Balanced Action 24xxx


Alto Sax Selmer Mark VI 192xxx

LOW A KEY! Original lacquer.

Alto Sax Jupiter JAS 769 N6645x

Used – student

Alto Sax Antigua A4128xxx

Used Student

Alto Sax Buescher Aristocrat 397xxx


Alto Sax Jupiter JAS-769II N72xxx

Student Instrument

Alto Sax Selmer Super Balanced Action 37xxx


Alto Sax Martin The Martin Alto 190xxx

1954-55 Used

Alto Sax Keilwerth SX90R 125xxx

Used, like new.  Brushed nickel body

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