Wally’s Instrument Inventory

Our inventory catalog may be browsed directly using the drop-down categories on the Instruments link of the main menu. Instruments are grouped into categories for quicker access. Instruments without a category may be found in the “Other” category.

Wally’s Music Shop carries several hundred musical instruments in our store inventory at any one time. We have a large selection of new, used, and customer owned (consigned) available either on-site or in our nearby warehouse. Some instruments sell quickly, so feel free to call ahead and we’ll make sure the item is in the store before you make the trip.

Wally’s is not an Internet retailer. We provide our inventory on-line to assist you in finding your desired instrument, but we can’t imagine selling a musical instrument to a person without them having an opportunity to see it, touch it, hear it. As always, if you have questions about anything music related please don’t hesitate to call. We are working on getting pictures to go with the listings, but until then we will email select instrument images upon request.

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